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Investigation Agency Description
MULTI-TROPASIEducational experiment on the roles of water and nutritional elements on the orientations of the roots growth in microgravity conditions.PUB 0
PITSESAPITS are small cavities excavated by osteoclasts on bone slices. The objective of the experiments is a comparison between gene profile and osteoclasts activity in conditions of microgravity and on ground.PUB 1
SCOREASISaccharomyces cerevisiae oxidative stress response evaluationPUB 1
SPOREASIStudy of Space Environment Effects on PY17 Bacterial Spores (Bacillus subtilis) when exposed to ionizing radiation. Similar ground reference samples have been maintened at 20°C and -4°C for post-flight comparison.PUB 0
TARSEASIThe Tardigrade Resistance to Space Effects (TARSE) project, part of the mission LIFE on FOTON-M3, analyzed the effects of the space environment on desiccated and active tardigrades. Four experiments were conducted in which the eutardigrade Macrobiotus richtersi was used as a model species.PUB 2
XENOGRISSASIAim of the experiment is to analyze the effects of microgravity on the processes of growth and regeneration using an animal model (Xenopus laevis tadpoles), which allows the observation of both processes at the same time. PUB 0