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Investigation Agency Description
MDS (Brain, Testis, Spina chord, Limb muscles)ASIEffects of space flight on genes/proteins ex in brain/muscle.PUB 2
MDS (Hearth, Thoracic diafragm)ASIRole of stem cells in cardiac muscle deconditioning in microgravity.PUB 0
MDS (Intestine, Stomach)ASIEffect of real microgravity on the expression of proteins involved in the rat intestinal transit.PUB 0
MDS (Limb, Muscle)ASIEffects of microgravity on ion channel function and expression in mouse skeletal muscle: role in disuse-induced muscle atrophy and phenotype transition, and potential targets for therapeutic intervention.PUB 3
MDS (Lung, Trachea)ASILungs genomics in mice chronically exposed to microgravity.PUB 0
MDS (Lymph nodes, Colon)ASIInvestigation of the changes in immune parameters in systemic lymph nodes and colon tissues in space-flown mice.PUB 1
MDS (Pituitary gland, Pancreas, Kidney, Liver, Testis, Stomach, Forepaw) - AASIStudy of space-induced changes of structure and function of thyroid and testis/epididymis. PUB 1
MDS (Pituitary gland, Pancreas, Kidney, Liver, Testis, Stomach, Forepaw) - BASIEndocrine determinants of rodent musculo-skeletal ageing phenomena in spacePUB 0
MDS (Serum, Calvaria, Femur, Tibia, Humerus, Lumbar spine, Bone marrow)ASIA transgenic approach to space osteoporosis.PUB 3
MDS (Serum, Red blood cells)ASIEffects of space flight on erythrocytes and oxidative stress of rodents.PUB 2
MDS (Skin)ASIMicrogravity-induced skin atrophy.PUB 1
MDS (Skull)ASIImpact of long-duration real microgravity exposures on sensory hair cell (auditory system) response to altered gravity.PUB 1
MDS (Tongue, Brain, Surrenal glands, Hind paw)ASIMouse behavioural observation of mouse under microgravity condition ethogram definition and neurobiological correlates.PUB 1
MDS (Tongue, Limb muscles) - AASIAkt-FoxO signaling and protein degradation pathways during muscle atrophy induced by space flight.PUB 2
MDS (Tongue, Limb muscles) - BASIMicrogravity effects on skeletal muscles.PUB 0
MDS (Tymus, Spleen)ASIThe effect of space flight on the immune system and stress response in osteoblast stimulating factor-1 transgenic mice.PUB 0
MDS (Tyroid)ASIInvestigation of changes in thyroid gland morphology and function, which may regulate bone homeostasis in mice exposed to real microgravity.PUB 5
MDS (Urine, Kidney)ASIPUB 0