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Investigation Agency Description
3DISSASIThe objective of DNA on Diamond Dosimeters on board the ISS is to measure the radiation dose absorbed during an ISS space mission, assess the genetic damage suffered by the sample and to correlate it with the dosimetric measurements.PUB 1
ALTCRISSASIAlteino Long Term monitoring of Cosmic Rays on the International Space StationPUB 2
ALTEA GAPASIAnomalous Long Term Effects in Astronauts' Central Nervous System-GAPPUB 0
ALTEA-CNSMASIAn ALTEA configuration to support the study on the interaction between the cosmic radiation and the brain functionalities of the human sight system. The configuration also used silicon detectors on a wearable cap, a high res EEG, a sight stimulator.PUB 7
ALTEA-DOSIASIAssessment of the radiation spectrum on board the ISSPUB 2
ALTEA-ShieldASIAssessment of the material radiation shielding capabilitiesPUB 6
ALTEINOASIAn investigation of space radiation effects on the functional state of the central nervous system and an operator´s working capacityPUB 5
APCF-CamelidsASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Extraordinary Structural Features of Antibodies from Camelids.PUB 1
APCF-CGASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Solution Flows and Molecular Disorder of Protein Crystals: Growth of High Quality Crystals, Motions of Lumazin Crystals and Growth of Ferritin Crystals.PUB 1
APCF-CQASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Effect of Different Growth Conditions on the Quality of Thaumatin and Aspartyl-tRNA Synthetase Crystals Grown in Microgravity.PUB 1
APCF-LipoproteinASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Crystallization of Human Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Subfractions in Microgravity.PUB 1
APCF-LysozyneASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Testing New Trends in Microgravity Protein Crystallization.PUB 1
APCF-OctarellinsASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Crystallization of the Next Generation of Octarellins.PUB 1
APCF-PPG10ASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Protein Crystallization in Microgravity, Collagen Model (X-Y-Gly) Polypeptides - the case of (Pro-Pro-Gly) 10.PUB 3
APCF-RhodopsinASIAdvanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Crystallization of Rhodopsin in Microgravity.PUB 1
Arabidops-ISSASIThis experiment will elucidate the role of cytoskeleton in gravisensing and the genes involved in the ROS signaling chainPUB 1
ARAMISASITechnology demonstrator aiming to validate the use of Augmented Reality (AR), being deployed as an iPad application, to improve and make more efficient the on board operations.PUB 0
ARTEASIThe investigation aims at researching a thermal control system which will allow a completely passive heat transfer.Several tests are planned to verify if performance in space are different from those on the ground and to obtain correlation laws (Ongoing).PUB 2
ASIAASIBones decalcification algorithm based on the astronaut biological parameters.PUB 1
BIOROCKESAExtraterrestrial Geomicrobiological Package Test Bed for the ISS PUB 1
BioS-POREASIAssessing spore survival during space flights is of interest for the yeast ability to colonize new environments.PUB 1
Blind and Imagined - MOVE-SBASIMovement in Orbital Vehicle Experiments Short and BlindPUB 2
Blind and Imagined - SHRINKASISpace Height Reference In Non-gravitational KineticsPUB 2
BMIBlood pressure circadian rhythms in weightlessness.PUB 0
Bone/Muscle CheckASISalivary markers of Metabolic Changes during space missions.PUB 0
Cell Shape and Expression (CYTOSPACE)ASIMicrogravity and cells: morphotype and phenotype correlation.PUB 0
CHIROASIThe CHIRO esperiment aim to assess the effect of the microgravity on the hand grip and the pich force during a short-term permanence in space.PUB 1
CHIRO (HPA)ASIVariation of the perfromance in the upper limb.PUB 3
CORMASICountermeasure for retinal lesions induced by radiation and microgravity on the ISS: experiment on cultured retinal cells.PUB 1
DIAPASON-GAASIMeasurement of the ISS air pollution in 5 different locations.PUB 0
DOSIS-3DESADose Distribution Inside the International Space Station - 3D (DOSIS-3D) uses several active and passive detectors to determine the radiation doses inside the ISS. The goal is a three-dimensional radiation map covering all sections of the ISS.PUB 7
Drain BrainASIStrain-gauge Plethysmographic Analysis of the CErebral DRainage Experimented and Assessed in the Micro-gravitational Setting.PUB 3
ENDOESAEndothelial Cells: Effects of Space Flight on endothelial functionPUB 1
EXPOSE-R2-BIOMEXASIThe prime objectives of the BIOlogy and Mars Experiment (BIOMEX) are to measure the extent to which terrestrial organisms can survive in extreme environments (extremophiles), and in particular pigments and cellular components thereof, are resistant to space and Mars-like conditions.PUB 4
EXPOSE-R2-BIOMEX-MCFASIISS experiment for the research of biological traces on rock samples similar to those on the Moon and Mars.PUB 0
EXPOSE-R2-BOSSASIBiofilm Organisms Surfing SpacePUB 8
EXPOSE-R2-PSSESAOrganical chemical experiment on the EXPOSE-R2 missionPUB 2
FLEX-ICE-GAASIStudy on the combustion process of a biofuel in microgravity. The experiment has ben execute in the CIR (Combustion Integrated Rack).PUB 1
FRTL-5ASIAssessment of the effects of the microgravity and of the space radiations on rat tyroid cells.PUB 3
HiDOSEASITo measure the exposure dose to charged particles for biology experiments executed on board the Space Shuttle. HiDOSE also involves the monitoring of primary cosmic radiation.PUB 2
I-APEASIMicro Vehicle in support of the IVA and EVA activities of the astronauts .PUB 0
I-FOAMASITo test the capability of a polymeric foam to restore complex geometric forms. The material could be used on innovative actuators devices, or in structurs able to expand and to get in place automatically.PUB 6
IENOSASIStudy on the monitoring of the air quality and on atmospheres anomalies on board the space station.PUB 0
IMAGINEASIStudy of the catch of imaginary objects while using the facility HPA.PUB 1
IMAGINE2ASIStudy of the mental capabilities to simulate the relationship between imagined ball motion speed and duration in microgravity conditions. During the investigations, the subject is requested to throw and catch an imaginary ball, bouncing on a target at variable speeds.PUB 0
IN-SITUASINon-invasive collection of a biological fluid (saliva sample) and its analysis for the determination of one or more biomarkers, using a portable analytical device and disposable ready-to use analytical cartridges (Ongoing).PUB 0
ISSPRESSOimprove the comfort of the astronauts on long-duration missions with an espresso maker machine.PUB 0
MAISASIMAIS is a study dedicated to the kinematic aspect of the grip with index and thump fingers of small objects.PUB 1
MDS (Brain, Testis, Spina chord, Limb muscles)ASIEffects of space flight on genes/proteins ex in brain/muscle.PUB 2
MDS (Hearth, Thoracic diafragm)ASIRole of stem cells in cardiac muscle deconditioning in microgravity.PUB 0
MDS (Intestine, Stomach)ASIEffect of real microgravity on the expression of proteins involved in the rat intestinal transit.PUB 0
MDS (Limb, Muscle)ASIEffects of microgravity on ion channel function and expression in mouse skeletal muscle: role in disuse-induced muscle atrophy and phenotype transition, and potential targets for therapeutic intervention.PUB 3
MDS (Lung, Trachea)ASILungs genomics in mice chronically exposed to microgravity.PUB 0
MDS (Lymph nodes, Colon)ASIInvestigation of the changes in immune parameters in systemic lymph nodes and colon tissues in space-flown mice.PUB 1
MDS (Pituitary gland, Pancreas, Kidney, Liver, Testis, Stomach, Forepaw) - AASIStudy of space-induced changes of structure and function of thyroid and testis/epididymis. PUB 1
MDS (Pituitary gland, Pancreas, Kidney, Liver, Testis, Stomach, Forepaw) - BASIEndocrine determinants of rodent musculo-skeletal ageing phenomena in spacePUB 0
MDS (Serum, Calvaria, Femur, Tibia, Humerus, Lumbar spine, Bone marrow)ASIA transgenic approach to space osteoporosis.PUB 3
MDS (Serum, Red blood cells)ASIEffects of space flight on erythrocytes and oxidative stress of rodents.PUB 2
MDS (Skin)ASIMicrogravity-induced skin atrophy.PUB 1
MDS (Skull)ASIImpact of long-duration real microgravity exposures on sensory hair cell (auditory system) response to altered gravity.PUB 1
MDS (Tongue, Brain, Surrenal glands, Hind paw)ASIMouse behavioural observation of mouse under microgravity condition ethogram definition and neurobiological correlates.PUB 1
MDS (Tongue, Limb muscles) - AASIAkt-FoxO signaling and protein degradation pathways during muscle atrophy induced by space flight.PUB 2
MDS (Tongue, Limb muscles) - BASIMicrogravity effects on skeletal muscles.PUB 0
MDS (Tymus, Spleen)ASIThe effect of space flight on the immune system and stress response in osteoblast stimulating factor-1 transgenic mice.PUB 0
MDS (Tyroid)ASIInvestigation of changes in thyroid gland morphology and function, which may regulate bone homeostasis in mice exposed to real microgravity.PUB 5
MDS (Urine, Kidney)ASIPUB 0
miniEUSOASIMultiwavelength Imaging New Instrument of Extreme Universe Space ObservatoryPUB 0
MMEASIMolecular Muscle Experiment - Establishing Molecular Mechanisms of and PUB 0
MOVEASIMovement in Orbit Vehicle ExperimentsPUB 9
MULTI-TROPASIEducational experiment on the roles of water and nutritional elements on the orientations of the roots growth in microgravity conditions.PUB 0
MYOGRAVITYASIAnalysis of the functional alterations induced by microgravity in human satellite cells and study of possible countermeasure.PUB 0
NANOESANanotechnological countermeasures against oxidative stress in muscle cells exposed to microgravityPUB 0
Nanoparticles and Osteoporosis (NATO)ASINAnoparticles based countermeasures for Treatment of microgravity induced Osteoporosis.PUB 0
NANOROSASINanotechnology solutions against oxidative stress in muscle tissue during long-term microgravity exposurePUB 4
nDOSEASIAssessment of the neutrons component of the radiations exposure in space.PUB 4
Night VisionASIExperiment on the cosmic radiation shielding capabilites of natural componds of the Xantofile family.PUB 2
Orthostatic ToleranceASIStructured Exercise Training as Countermeasure to Space Flight-Induced Orthostatic Intolerance.PUB 1
PERSEOASIPErsonal Radiation Shielding for intErplanetaryPUB 0
Photo-EvolutionASIExposure of selected resistant strain of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to spacecraft environment.PUB 1
PITSESAPITS are small cavities excavated by osteoclasts on bone slices. The objective of the experiments is a comparison between gene profile and osteoclasts activity in conditions of microgravity and on ground.PUB 1
PLEGPAYASIThe objective of PLEGPAY is to study the spacecraft/space interactions ad in particular to the electrostatic charging/discharging phenomena. The PLEGPAY plasma contactor will be used to control the station charging.PUB 3
Portable 3D PrinterASIDemonstrates an automated 3-D printer that produces platic objects on board the ISS. Results pave the way for a full-sized printer on-board the ISS (Ongoing).PUB 4
ROALDESATo ascertain the induction of apoptosis in human lymphocytes under authentic microgravity, and to elucidate the possible involvement of 5-LOXPUB 1
SCDESAStem cells differentiationPUB 2
SCOREASISaccharomyces cerevisiae oxidative stress response evaluationPUB 1
SERISMASIRole of the endocannabinoid system in pluripotent human stem cell reprogramming under microgravity conditions.PUB 1
SPHINXESAISS In vitro Experiment in KUBIK incubator examining Endothelial cell gene expression under microgravity. Endothelial cells line blood vessels and play a key role in vascular function. Results of the experiment show that gene expression.PUB 1
SPOREASIStudy of Space Environment Effects on PY17 Bacterial Spores (Bacillus subtilis) when exposed to ionizing radiation. Similar ground reference samples have been maintened at 20°C and -4°C for post-flight comparison.PUB 0
STROMA-2ESAInvestigation on the effects of microgravity on BMSC (bone, marrow, stroma cells) by looking at morphological changes, gene expression profiling and bone forming capacity.PUB 1
TARDIKISSStudy of the alteration of tardigrades behaviour in space and to define countermeasures.PUB 3
TARSEASIThe Tardigrade Resistance to Space Effects (TARSE) project, part of the mission LIFE on FOTON-M3, analyzed the effects of the space environment on desiccated and active tardigrades. Four experiments were conducted in which the eutardigrade Macrobiotus richtersi was used as a model species.PUB 2
VESTASIIntegrated clothing development for the Internation Space StationPUB 2
VIABLEASIEvaluation and monitoring of microbiofilms inside the ISS (Ongoing)PUB 2
VSVESAAnalysis of the visceral receptor performance within an environmentPUB 1
WEARMONASIStudy on the sleep disturbance in microgravity.PUB 2
XENOGRISSASIAim of the experiment is to analyze the effects of microgravity on the processes of growth and regeneration using an animal model (Xenopus laevis tadpoles), which allows the observation of both processes at the same time. PUB 0
XENOPUSESAAim of the experiment is to characterize the effect of microgravity on the vestibuloocular (VBO) system in Xenopus laevis tadpoles at late development stages. In detail are investigated: a) the critical period in the developing of the vestibuloocular reflex (rVOR); b) the relations between oculomotor and spinal motor μg-sensitivities (freely swimming); c) the correlation of tail lordosis with rVOR modifications.PUB 1
YING B1ESAThe YING-B1 experiment investigates one of the most intensively studied eukaryotic model organisms in molecular biology: the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast growth in a batch of liquid culture is required by the scientists to find out the effects of microgravity on yeast colony organisation. At molecular level Flo proteins expression and functionality are analyzed.PUB 0
YING B2ESAThe YING-B2 experiment investigates one of the most intensively studied eukaryotic model organisms in molecular biology: the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast growth in different solid media is required by the scientists to find out the effects of microgravity on yeast colony organisation. At molecular level Flo proteins expression and functionality were analyzed.PUB 0