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Investigation Agency Description
3DISSASIThe objective of DNA on Diamond Dosimeters on board the ISS is to measure the radiation dose absorbed during an ISS space mission, assess the genetic damage suffered by the sample and to correlate it with the dosimetric measurements.PUB 1
Arabidops-ISSASIThis experiment will elucidate the role of cytoskeleton in gravisensing and the genes involved in the ROS signaling chainPUB 1
BioS-POREASIAssessing spore survival during space flights is of interest for the yeast ability to colonize new environments.PUB 1
HiDOSEASITo measure the exposure dose to charged particles for biology experiments executed on board the Space Shuttle. HiDOSE also involves the monitoring of primary cosmic radiation.PUB 2
nDOSEASIAssessment of the neutrons component of the radiations exposure in space.PUB 4
Photo-EvolutionASIExposure of selected resistant strain of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to spacecraft environment.PUB 1
TARDIKISSStudy of the alteration of tardigrades behaviour in space and to define countermeasures.PUB 3